Recruiting Agency CRM Software

wollow project Recruiting Agency CRM Software

Blue Lynx is a human resources company based in the Netherlands that focuses on providing the following services: recruitment, contracting, recruitment and HR services to multilingual professionals of multinational and international organizations. Due to the globalization of labor markets and the reduction of borders in the EU, recruitment is an international affair that is happening in many countries.

The main goal of this software, developed by Wollow based on custom requirements from the client, is to automate all work processes and increase the efficiency of the team.

This web-based backoffice CRM software application wherein the following is managed but not limited to:

  • Candidates' CVs.
  • Incoming registrations and CVs from the internet
  • Job applications from candidates.
  • Allow candidates to manage their profiles
  • Processing of incoming data from candidates..
  • Posting of job requests to the client facing website.
  • Secure storing of client company and contact data.
  • Integrated search tools.
  • Manages the communication between the recruiters with an internal communication system.

wollow project Recruiting Agency CRM Software wollow project Recruiting Agency CRM Software

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