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wollow service Graphic Design Services

Graphic design and visual marketing help you tell an engaging and memorable story. Digital marketing leaders state that visual assets are “imperative to brand story communication.”  The written word is powerful, but a compelling graphic design allows your audience to spot your brand without having to read a single word of copy.

This pattern should be a top priority for marketers, and including unique and professional images in your website and email content will help your brand stand out.

Our graphic designer can bring your story to life. A strong omnichannel marketing campaign will be easier to create with the inclusion of graphic design. Incorporating visual elements to all aspects of your strategy will shape how your audience views your story.

Graphic Design Capabilities

Logo Design -  Our Designer develops new logos for projects and updates existing logos for web and print formats.

Website Graphics & Web Design Layout - Visuals are vital for making your website content shareable, engaging and interesting to read. Our designer will create beautiful assets that improve user experience, support your argument and reinforce your brand.

Print Design - Our visual artists design flyers, posters, postcards, newsletters, graphics for large display banners and more to help advertise courses, research, special events, lecture series and more.

Promotional Materials - We paint promotional materials like digital screen ads, buttons, t-shirts, bookmarks, and more.

Illustration - Illustrations created by our design team enhance instructional content for online courses.

Email Images - Whether you’re promoting an event, a piece of content or a new product, graphics boost your email’s click-through rate. 


Building forex trader's web platform
Forex Gentium has entrusted Wollow and it's creative department with the development of its future overall visual identity and educational web platform.
Building forex trader's web platform
Employee Performance Software
Wollow developed a centralized, cloud-based Employee Performance Software to help pharmacy managers rate and maintain their human resources.
Employee Performance Software
Pawnshop Software Ares 5.0
Pawnshop Software is cost effective and easy to use. Ares 5.0 Software is one of the most established brands serving the Pawnshop Industry in Bulgaria.
Pawnshop Software Ares 5.0
Project focuses on the online sale of bus tickets focuses on the online sale of bus tickets and offers updated information on bus and train schedules.
Project focuses on the online sale of bus tickets


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