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Today, information about you or your company online is at the heart of collaboration decisions. Online reputation directly affects your lost profits, causes the violation of large transactions, sanctions, refusals, other negative consequences, etc.

We deal with the correction of professional reputation in any search engine. We work with top companies and individuals, correcting negative events. We have been operating in the search technology market since 2009. During this time we have completed a number of multi-format projects with localization in English, French, German, Chinese and other languages. We have extensive experience in correcting negative reputations using search engine optimization technologies. We work with Yandex, Google, Youtube and other search engines.

The process in steps:

Online interview - We conduct interviews to identify the needs and pains of the client (reduction of NPS, decline in sales, activity of competitors, etc.) The goal is to identify specific events, articles and materials, to focus on possible causes of negativity.

Audit of search engine results - The aim is to objectively assess the scale of the published negative and to form a list of tasks

  • We check the results for basic search queries - Usually this is the name of the legal company, brand, last name, top names, products and services, etc.
  • Let's analyze the tone of the edition, taking into account the regional issue - for example, Germany. Finding negative resources
  • We select the most significant queries with negative results for displacement from the top of the results - The depth of displacement (from the top 10/20/30 results in search engines) is determined at the stage of the interview.

We develop a strategy to eliminate negativity - Based on the results of the audit of search results, we form a plan for specific actions:

  1. We change the mood of existing resources
  2. Displacing negativity with new islands of content
  3. Promoting the positive islands of content in search engines;

Implementation of the strategy - Implementation by the project team of specific actions for creating, posting and promoting content on sites in accordance with the approved plan. Weekly customer reports in PDF / presentation format with scaling, showing:

  • Created islands with content
  • Activities for publishing content on sites
  • Content promoting activities

What affects the cost of your project?

1. The amount of negativity in the search results - Directly affects the workload. The more negative material is published on the web, the more islands with positive content must be created, placed and moved in demand.

2. The level of the sites on which the negative is published - the higher the level of the site, the more:

  • has higher content requirements
  • requires a higher level of specialists in the team
  • more time for preparation, approval and placement of materials
  • higher cost of placement

3. Language and region of publication - This also affects the number of regions / languages involved in a reputation restoration project


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