Custom Crew Management Software "Vega"

wollow project Custom Crew Management Software "Vega"

The Wollow team developed specialized software on a detailed assignment for the Burgas-based company Starnav, an international supplier of naval officers and ratings of all ranks and positions for the marine, dredging and offshore energy industries. The software focuses on recruiting maritime personnel and their planning, training, engagement, development and retention.

Detailed functionality of the shipping agency software includes automation of the following administrative processes:

  • CVs of candidates;
  • Crew recruitment and selection;
  • Crew administration and maintenance of crew records;
  • Crew planning;
  • Client companies and their contact details;
  • Maritime training;
  • Certification;
  • Labour and remuneration services;
  • Crew support and family services;
  • Out-of-hours service and emergency response;

The need for specialized software systems is most often observed in businesses where a high degree of optimization and automation of several basic processes can be achieved, depending on the specifics of the activity. In this particular case, it is about the processing of personal information of maritime specialists, their certification, the validity of documents, archive of acquired experience and future contract planning. For this purpose, we have built a detailed database, structured according to the specifics of this industry, from which the processing of TORs, all types of contracts and annexes used by companies, shipowners and ship agents is automated. The main problems that this software solves are related to the optimization of the time for processing the documentation, as well as the possibility of making mistakes in the calculations of labor remunerations, consumable costs and insurance costs. Another essential feature of specialized software is that it can be adjusted, further developed and modeled at any time with additional functions to expand the capabilities of its users, and this enables them to be dynamic and active in the competitive labor market.

Custom Crew Management Software

Our company, with over 12 years of experience, has worked on many interesting specialized software solutions for clients from different countries and continents. We have built software projects for the medical sector, education, financial services, the food industry, and the transport sector, as well as for the management of human resources in various businesses. What all projects have in common is the stated desire of our clients to optimize costs and processes, to increase the speed and volume of their work. If you have a stable business and want to grow it, using an automated software solution is a must for success!

For shipping agencies or any other type of recruitment(HR) agency, we have invaluable experience in building such systems and would be a great partner in developing a software solution for your needs!

wollow project Custom Crew Management Software "Vega" wollow project Custom Crew Management Software "Vega"

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