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Search engine optimization, for the most part, is the application of the best and most up-to-date practices for creating quality content and offering it in the best way to Google. If done qualitatively and regularly, your site and its pages will become easily discoverable, through higher positions and will bring more quality visits, and hence more sales. Regardless of the size of your business, industry, goals, our search engine optimization will be an excellent choice for generating remarkable and sustainable results.

Search engine optimization, or as it is known (SEO), is the process of improving a website's position on Google, using a variety of practices and proven methodologies to rank the site as quickly as possible.

The SEO optimization is divided into several main elements that characterize it in general, namely:

  • SEO keyword optimization
  • Internal SEO optimization (on-page optimization)
  • External SEO optimization (off-page optimization)
  • SEO optimization on social networks
  • SEO optimization of online store

In our company we mainly deal with Internal SEO optimization and SEO optimization of online stores, as we prioritize programming and have a technical profile.

Internal SEO optimization is also known as on-page optimization. Internal SEO optimization includes technical SEO optimization, internal link building, which are controlled automatically through program code, as well as SEO optimization of the content. Search engines pay great attention to the purely technical condition of a site when ranking it. There are regulated optimization rules, which, if followed and implemented, will be more than good in the long run. For example, if your site loads quickly and has well-written code, it will be better ranked. The technical elements are very important in order to be able to rank well and they must first be optimized so that the other parts of the SEO optimization can then be built. Technical optimization also includes the proper optimization of images, descriptions, title, honey data and other important elements. When all the details of the on-page SEO optimization are done professionally, then the results come much faster and are far better than if you skip this important part of the optimization process.

Another part of internal SEO optimization is internal link building. The links on your site play a key role in determining the weight of the landing pages and the overall structure of the entire content. Improper internal link building can be detrimental to overall SEO optimization and end results. For example, any outbound link should be checked, because such a link leading to a site with low credibility will negatively affect your own. SEO content optimization is extremely important for any web project. Quality and unique content is one of the keys to success in SEO optimization, and it depends on what we are targeting or selling. Having such content is very important for both search engines and your visitors. When users spend more time on your site, it is an indication to search engines that your site offers useful information, which in turn leads to better rankings.

Modern SEO optimization can not do without a presence on social networks. Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, VKontakte, Telegram, are just some of the social sites that contribute enormously to the overall SEO optimization. Building a popular social media channel is an important element for any online brand. It has been proven that social signals (sharing, liking, commenting) are an extremely important factor for ranking, especially in new posts.

SEO optimization for an online store is currently a unique model and only affects online stores. E-commerce largely depends on direct advertising, but also on SEO optimization. Many owners who have invested in SEO optimization report that their long-term results are much better if their site is optimized. SEO is the main source of natural, targeted traffic, which is invaluable in the field of sales.


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