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wollow service Data Migration Services

If you need an efficient and secure data migration service with no disruption to your business, our experts can help.
Data is one of your main operational assets. Because of its importance, data migration projects can make companies nervous.

There are lots of reasons why the need for data migration can arise:

  • You’re modernizing your legacy system and need the data migrated from the old system over to the new one.
  • You’ve acquired a new subsidiary, or you’re merging and you need data to be moved from many systems on to one.
  • You’re moving your IT platforms to the cloud to help scalability and require data and application migration.
  • You’re moving data from an existing server to a new or existing storage system, or you’re consolidating data centrally.
  • Your data needs to be synchronized between the old legacy system and new system so that a side-by-side system rollout can occur.
  • You’ve got a new business application and want to integrate the data from an older application.

Before we start the process, our highly experienced technical staff will work with you to understand your business objectives and IT strategies. They will look at how your current system – and the data within it – works, including what the data looks like, how it’s used, its quality and where it’s stored. We’ll assess the information environment, learn how and where you use your data and who uses it. We’ll also ascertain whether there may need to be a different use for the data in the future. In the case of data migration from an old system to a new one, we’ll build a visual prototype of the new system to ensure the data is being used exactly how you’d envisaged. Changes can be made throughout the process.


Bemoir is a social media platform
Bemoir is a social media platform that enables its users to share their stories with photos and videos.
Bemoir is a social media platform
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Top Google App Engine Developers in Bulgaria, Wollow is # 3 in the statistics for 2021

Top Google App Engine Developers in Bulgaria, Wollow is # 3 in the statistics for 2021.