Custom CMS, CRM or SCM

wollow service Custom CMS, CRM or SCM

Companies come to us looking for bespoke software and want to know more about what determines custom software development costs.

A bespoke CRM ensures you have a CRM that’s aligned with your business, your customers and your business requirements. We can create a web-based, highly available, backed up and user-friendly solution for your team.

An effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution should be systemised, centralised, and embedded into the heart of your business operations.

CRM Systems - A custom CRM can improve the customer experience, resulting in more sales and a much higher return on investment than a commercial CRM.

CMS Systems - When you need software to quickly and efficiently manage the content on your website, a custom CMS can be optimized for the types of content you share most often, the way you prefer to display it.

Ecommerce Systems - Your customers want a seamless online shopping experience, but the processes that make buying online possible are complex. A custom ecommerce system can automate inventory management, accounting, digital and social marketing, tax calculation, shipping, and customer service regardless of how many transactions are processed each day.

SCM Systems - Supply chain management systems are vital for manufacturing companies because resource and raw material use is a key factor in profitability. A custom SCM system will build a bridge between the sourcing, production, and shipping data specific to your industry — without unexpected integration issues — so you can automate more processes.

ERP Systems - A custom ERP system can be designed to work with all of your existing processes.


iOS Fitness App Development
Development of an iOS mobile application for fitness exercises and nutrition programs with a detailed administrative panel, RESTFull API and a voluminous database.
iOS Fitness App Development
Employee Performance Software
Wollow developed a centralized, cloud-based Employee Performance Software to help pharmacy managers rate and maintain their human resources.
Employee Performance Software
Pawnshop Software Ares 5.0
Pawnshop Software is cost effective and easy to use. Ares 5.0 Software is one of the most established brands serving the Pawnshop Industry in Bulgaria.
Pawnshop Software Ares 5.0
Web Software for Nannys and Babysitters
We developed a Software Solution for Nannys and Babysitters with content management system and responsive design. Our client is a company with nanny sharing services.
Web Software for Nannys and Babysitters


Top Google App Engine Developers in Bulgaria, Wollow is # 3 in the statistics for 2021

Top Google App Engine Developers in Bulgaria, Wollow is # 3 in the statistics for 2021.