Sales process management software in a car dealership

wollow project Sales process management software in a car dealership

Specialized software for managing processes, sales and contracts in a car dealership

Specialized software systems or solutions are finished end products that offer a complete service in a specific area. They typically offer services to groups of users, and users may be geographically distant and from different organizations. Software solutions or systems have two main users: administrators who set the system parameters, distribute rights to users, access levels, virtual groups, objects and characteristics to them, rights to use the services and users - they use the system as its intended purpose is created.

Key features of our software solution for vehicle dealers:

The software is specially designed for car dealerships, companies and individuals who sell cars on direct payment and on lease / installment payment of vehicles.

The platform keeps track of due and overdue installments and displays notifications, generates contracts, agreements/protocols as well as numerous reports.

Customer Data

Vehicle data

  • Vehicle types - dynamically added according to needs and availability
  • Vehicle brand and model
  • Chassis No:
  • Color
  • Number of keys
  • Photo of registration document.
  • Vehicle Price - Net/Base/Sales
  • Technical services appointment
  • Annual vignette sticker / date of purchase
  • Transport vehicle tax (full amount once a year)
  • Annual fee for GPS

Repayment plan calculator for leasing / deferred payment of vehicles

References for control and activity planning

  • Insurance
    • Date of contract,
    • Annual insurance value
    • Quarterly installment and payment due date
    • Automatic check every 3 months for validity
  • Annual technical review notification
  • Annual Vignette Sticker Notification
  • Notification for annual tax on motor vehicles
  • Number of purchased cars / value
  • Number of vehicles sold / value
  • Number of available cars / value
  • Inquiries on other expenses – fines, GPS and others
  • Expected insurance contributions
  • Expected payments on leases
  • Expected installments on all contracts
  • Current net assets in sum (number of cars * their net value)

Automatic generation of documents on the car dealership letterhead:

  1. Vehicle purchase and sale contract
  2. Leasing contract
  3. Protocol under Art. 143
  4. Invoice without VAT
  5. Car dealership letterhead
  6. Declaration on processing personal data
  7. Rescheduling Agreement
  8. Insurance contract


wollow project Sales process management software in a car dealership

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