Developing news website or blog with articles

wollow project Developing news website or blog with articles

Creating a news site or blog with articles and videos should begin with evaluating the type and structure of information you wish to present. Informational websites can contain articles on different topics with photo material, video content, a detailed structure with categories and subcategories, a team of authors, etc.

For this type of website, not only the UI the design is important, but the excellent technical SEO optimization, which guarantees you a very clean and fast code for mobile phones, which helps to top positions in search engines and to be found by users faster and more successfully.

The news / blog type of site is suitable for presenting news, interesting articles, scientific developments, catalog information and others, through which you can present the information and generate a visit to it. It is common practice to build quality textual content and monetize it through advertising positions, adding links to other web projects or publishing paid publications. Each person has a unique style, different methods and vision than anyone else when presenting information on the Internet.

The trend in recent years of moving from print publications such as newspapers and magazines to news sites and e-magazine sites is gaining momentum with each passing year. It's safe to say that for many years now even small local print media have their own news site and a good network of followers. There are authors with their own blogs and an incredible volume of users or fans, which just 20 years ago was almost unthinkable.

Typically, the category of news sites and article blogs includes:

  1. Homepage design with the most basic categories - many of the leading news sites have several different homepages for individual categories - news, business, sports, culture, etc. - this can be done on demand or sorted by you dynamically through the administrative panel;
  2. A contact page that lists your coordinates, has a detailed contact form and an interactive map with location;
  3. Multiple articles organized in a tree structure of categories and subcategories, the number of which is unlimited;
  4. Opportunities to share, like or otherwise interact with shared content
  5. Highlight or most important news section
  6. Slider with the most important news and photos of the day;
  7. Survey module
  8. Reader Subscription System
  9. Other or added pages to represent your business and improve awareness of you. For example: "Advertising rates", "Team", "Share news", "Video gallery", "Announcements" and many others.;
  10. Depending on your activity, they may also contain other elements, such as an Application for membership at the NGO sites or a section with administrative documents, reports and invitations.
  11. Official static pages (GDPR) – these are the pages with general conditions, privacy policy, cookie policy, etc.;

Most importantly, all of this is very easy to administer via a detailed and intuitive admin panel on your news site.

Why choose Wollow for building a news site?

If you are planning to create your own electronic media, information site, article blog or information catalog, you have come to the right team (not a freelancer) for such development. Our web solutions are not on ready-made platforms (WordPress, Wix, Djomla, etc.) but are programmed entirely by our team, which improves security, the possibility of upgrading and refining in the future, if necessary and last but not least, we can always we update our code according to new technological trends in devices, and we are not dependent on external intervention and time.

wollow project Developing news website or blog with articles

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