Real Estate Website Development

wollow project Real Estate Website Development

Developing a real estate website is essential for any company looking to establish a successful online presence and market their real estate. We provide our clients with the development of a website for real estate which is modern in appearance, functionality, speed, and optimization. This guarantees a successful online as well as mobile business presence, an effective and user-friendly product, complete site and property management, an exceptional degree of technical optimization, and the potential for future upgrades. Each web project we create is not built on a pre-built platform, and we guarantee the quality of the code without relying on external factors.

If you own a brokerage firm or an agency, we can assist you in developing a professional software solution that will provide your clients with detailed information about available real estate. These sites are essential for agencies and brokers looking to expand their business online and attract more customers. We provide you with not only the development of a real estate website, but also a complete software solution that will save you a lot of time and effort.

The software keeps people up to date on the most recent property listings by providing advanced search options, user ratings, CMS features, and so on. Among other things, this software enables smaller real estate agencies to effectively use various features that will practically make them competitive and grow quickly.

Different features of real estate websites on which we have worked for the past 13 years:

Design and vision

  • Development of individual projects for the home page
  • Property page design and listing page
  • Various galleries and sliders
  • Photos with auto resize and blackout
  • Automatic watermark
  • Detailed menu
  • Various editors for easy content creation and formatting

Main characteristics

  • Modern, simple and functional control panel
  • Unlimited information pages
  • Section with brokers and their properties in the administrative panel
  • Section with clients and databases of property sellers to them in the admin panel
  • Property agency services section
  • Job posting pages
  • Pages with articles


  • Unlimited number of properties
  • Property search engine /by word, code/
  • Search engine in the admin panel
  • Standard property parameters - Ref No; Type, Type of Property, Location, Price, Land
  • Additional property parameters/filters /unlimited/
  • Filter properties by parameters/criteria
  • Gallery with unlimited number of photos
  • Video gallery
  • Map of the region
  • Tags: Top Deals, Latest, Sold, Exclusive
  • Inquiry form for this property
  • Regions, cities, districts, neighbourhoods and zones of offered properties
  • Print on property page

SEO optimization and advertising

  • Initial technical optimization
  • Advanced SEO optimization
  • Link building
  • Contact form with Anti-SPAM protection
  • Detailed visitor statistics
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Connect to Google Search Console
  • Connecting to Google Tag Manager
  • Social integration
  • SSL / GDPR

wollow project Real Estate Website Development

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