Need custom software

 The simple answer to the question of why or if you need specialised software is hidden in whether it will SOLVE or relieve a particular issue and have positive financial, administrative, or organisational results for Your business. Specialised software solutions are developed products offering process automation in specific areas. Such projects usually offer services to a varying volume of users, as they can be geographically separated and from different organisational structures, or roles. Different software solutions have essencial levels of users:

  1. The first are administrators with absolute, or limited access to the content of the programmable code, that adjusts the parameters of the system, distribute rights to users, access leves, virtual groups, object characteristics and permissions for using the service.
  2. The second level are the regular users, they use the system in the way it's creators intended.

The need for specialised software systems can most often be observed in businesses that are well suited for a high degree of optimisation and automation of a number of basic processes, with respect to the specifics of the business:

  • Organisation and control of human resources
  • Document flow, account calculations, financial papers
  • Management of processes, tasks, projects
  • Finances and accounting, inventorisation, revision and stock availability
  • Calendars and task scheduling
  • Logistics, transport and communication with clients and employees
  • Analysis and activity forecasts

The development of complex specialised software solutions require different volumes of work and times for realisation. Usually, it is necessary to build specialised algorithms and interconnections, which are defined by a strict structure and order of execution. When reaching a level of complexity that puts a heavier load on  the processes, or has levels of starting for the functionalities, which allow for the project to be separated in stages, we move to a modular development of the system - it's divided into functional modals, which can function independently and the development is done module by module. In today's dynamic times, we can observe the blurring of the definition of software or digital solutions, but the truth is that over 80% of companies that offer IT solutions do not have the capacity to develop a stable software project, or product. The problems lies in the fact that the high quality developers is concentrated in about 10-15% of software companies, whereas the rest rely mainly on smaller or easier projects, which do not require experience, or a budget. Digital and advertisement agencies usually bet on projects with a marketing or design backbone, and it is not common practice to hire partners of this nature for specialised software development. If searching for a solution to a problem through specialised software, it is not right to turn to specialists which are unqualified for the task. In more than it's 10 years of experience, our company has worked on interesting specialised software solutions for clients from different countries and continents. We have developed  software projects for the medical sector, education, financial services, the food industry, the transport sector, as well as management of human resources in different businesses. The common factor between all project is our clients with to optimise spending and processes, while increasing the velocity and volume of their work.


  If you have a stable business that you want to grow, the use of automated software solutions is a mandatory prerequisite for success!


Need custom software