Software or calculator for building materials according to specified models

The "Sevarex" company is the fastest growing company in the field of ecological design, eco-building materials in Bulgaria and is the official representative of the largest European companies in this branch. Their team got in touch with us and our software engineers developed specialized software for the detailed assignment. The aim of the project is to facilitate the planning, selection and use of ecological construction materials.

The sequence of steps directly visualizes the bases, types and layers of materials and calculates the parameters important to you. Their products are suitable for the home, the office, kindergartens, educational and medical institutions, and they also offer you the necessary consultation for the implementation of your chosen solution. They work with proven specialists who will assist you every step of the way until the completion of your desired construction and repair activities. All products offered by "Sevarex" have the necessary eco certificates that guarantee high quality, innovation and sustainability.

At the moment, there is a serious collapse in the volume of trade and services, and this process is expected to deepen in the next 18 months. Separately, AI is entering more and more aggressively into whole industries and is clearly conquering the services sector. A solution like this software allows us to be at least two steps ahead of the competition in the fight for customers. Companies invest in software solutions with a clear vision to solve certain specific cases from real business, from which they have an advantage over their competitors, and this is done with a quality software product and popularization in the web space. Those who haven't or aren't in a similar process may soon be a romantic part of the past in business.

There are whole sectors that are pressed by the new technological solutions in the world, the salvation is in investments in quality profiled software that is made according to the exact criteria and competitiveness for each sphere, here ready-made solutions for everyone are not a solution, but artificial intelligence in itself is a competitor because he shares his information with everyone, even our competitors.

The need for specialized software systems is most often observed in businesses where a high degree of optimization and automation of a number of basic processes can be achieved, depending on the specifics of the activity. In this particular case, it is about the processing of personal information of maritime specialists, their certification, validity of documents, archive of acquired experience and future planning of contracts. For this purpose, we have built a detailed database, structured according to the specifics of this industry, which automates the processing of TPZ, all types of contracts and annexes used by the company, ship owners and shipping agents. The main problems that this software solves are related to optimizing the time for processing documentation, as well as the possibility of making mistakes in the calculations of labor remuneration, consumable costs and insurance costs. Another essential feature of the specialized software is that it can at any time be adjusted, further developed and modeled with additional functions to expand the capabilities of its users, and this gives them the opportunity to be dynamic and active in the competitive labor market.

Our company, with a lot of accumulated experience in the last more than 10 years, has worked on many interesting specialized software solutions for customers from different countries and continents. We have built software projects for the medical sector, education, financial services, the food industry, the transport sector, as well as for the management of human resources in various businesses. What all projects have in common is the stated desire of our clients to optimize costs and processes, to increase the speed and volume of their work. If you have a stable business and want to grow it, using an automated software solution is a must for success!

The new challenge is AI, as useful as it is for many businesses, it is dangerous for small and medium-sized companies because they lack the capacity and financial resources to use it, and this is an indication of potential upheaval in many sectors. Specialized software, written with a specific purpose, to solve certain unique professional cases, gives us complete independence from AI, an advantage over competitors, high team productivity, opportunities for development and growth, and last but not least, an optimal level of planning and control.

If we had to end with something philosophical it would be this: Conservative thinking when investing in software for small and medium businesses is a far better choice than shared services and SaaS solutions if we want to maintain or expand our market presence.

Software or calculator for building materials according to specified models