Take Control of Your Online Reputation

1. We build the reputation of a company or a person from scratch, that is, we completely form it.

How the process works:

  • We write positive/neutral information about the client (we list good qualities, positive characteristics, we praise in every possible way);

  • We publish this information on the Internet on various sites;

  • We position the information on the first page in the search results (for example, when searching for information about the company, the link to the article appears among the first results);


  • From the information about the company/person is in the TOP of the search, the internet users start to visit sites with information about the company/person more often;

  • After reading positive information, consumers have a good impression of the company/person;

  • A positive opinion is formed;

2. If there is negative information about the company/person on the Internet (exposing articles, scandals, rumors, bad reviews, provocative photos, etc.) we delete them.

What does this mean? We delete negative articles and reviews from the search engine.

How does this happen? We study the article if it violates any law (for example: disclosure of personal information, personal life details), then we try to communicate with the site where the negative was published to remove the article, or send a claim for violation of GDPR and other European Union legislation. But if this is not possible, we remove the negative from the TOP search engine results or deindex it.

What’s the difference? Deleting means that the article no longer exists.

Deindexing means the article remains on the website, but it will be impossible to find it using a search engine. Only if a person has a link to the article can he go and read it. (This is possible without a court trial).


3. If there are very bad reviews for a company/person:

In such cases, we write positive reviews and publish them, thus replacing the bad ones.

4. PR

  • We raise awareness about the company/person;

  • We analyze the brand/company;

  • We analyze the requests of the target audience, on the basis of which we write several articles, in different contexts, which will create a positive image of the company;

  • We promote articles on the right sites;


  • Maintaining a positive brand/company image in the eyes of the target audience;

  • The number of customers is increasing;

  • Attracting new partners, investors;

  • Maintaining the company's reputation.


Take Control of Your Online Reputation