Alix for One iOS App

ALIX for ONE is more than just an app. It is your trustworthy companion you can always rely on for the best advice on where to dine in any of the ALIX for ONE cities in the world. Rely on it while you are traveling for business or leisure or in your city of residence.

Tell us what you are in the mood for and ALIX for ONE allows you to peruse and select from a wide range of cuisines and experiences based on your criteria. Whether you want a quiet restaurant where you can dine in privacy, or a lively scene where you can engage with other patrons, ALIX for ONE is your key to getting the most of out of a city!

ALIX for ONE is available in multiple subscription levels, which will give access to features such as:

  • A curated list of restaurant recommendations from current ALIX FOR ONE cities.

  • Authentic reviews based on first-hand experience and free of outside influence.

  • Characteristic filters that will help you personalize your dining experience.

  • Options to track your dining history and mark your favorite restaurants.

  • Direct and easy reservation making, as applicable.

  • Create an ALIX for ONE profile that can be shared with other successful women working in a wide variety of industries;

  • Connect and network as you plan ahead or see who’s free at the last minute!

ALIX for ONE is always there for you