Software Development for Startups

We help web startups gain marketshare, develop their web and mobile products and acquire customers. Providing consulting expertise, we help to build a collaborative network of clients. Our clients and the startups we guide all benefit from the insights and innovations that emerge from these collaborations.

About 50% of our clients are startups which need mobile products of the highest quality to back up their business efforts. Startup owners can be either young passionate people or experienced business professionals. Regardless of that, they need a software company that isn't just able to create great and unique products. A perfect company has enough experience with startups to do it quickly and efficiently, with convenience for clients.

1. You have an idea but you don't know whether it's implementable.

Or you know it is, but you don't know how long it may take and how much budget it may require. You may simply not know what to start with. At the same time you need results. Our experience allows us to suggest solutions to most efficiently plan your budget.

2. You need a working product.

At the end of each iteration you get a tangible result - something you can show to your investors. This is our agile approach to development of your software. Our eventual goal is deployment of the high-quality end product. We make suggestions that allow you to get software that works, and leave space for further upgrades.

3. You need a relevant and scalable product.

For a startup relevance of the product is make or break. Business and technologies are constantly changing - agile approach allows the required changes. We are goal-oriented, which means not only a product that works - it's as well relevant and scalable. From the very beginning we discuss the possibility of further scaling of your software, upgrades with new features, and further maintenance.

4. You don't have technical background.

You may not know which technologies you will need for implementation of your project. Maybe you need a multiplatform app adjusted for each major mobile OS, or you might have functionality that will work in a native app only. Or you need a website with strong backend. At the same time you need to optimize your resources. Wollow knows the methods required - we suggest and you choose what suits your business best.
Each project is unique in many ways, and our technical consultations can be helpful for the right decision. We are proud of the diversity of non-standard and successful products we create for you.