Web based software to professional property management

Professional property management software (PPMS)
The choice of the property management software provides you with a service package of your choice and support of a team of professionals who care for optimal organization, good management and maintenance of your business.

The main idea of ​​advanced professional property management software is to provide peace of mind to the owners of the building, for which takes care of saving time, money and stress

Our professional property management software(PPMS) used our many years of experience in develop custom software solutions, user expirience, web aplications and many others.

If you choose our advanced professional property management software(PPMS), we guarantee personal attention to every problem, strict compliance with the Bulgarian legislation and transparent accountability at all times.

We appreciate your time, so we offer a wide range of services that will provide first class care for your business.

With “Professional Housekeeper” we provide personal employee engaged for:

• Administrative and service registry and database building
• Prepare a detailed list of necessary repairs of the common parts
• Accounting of revenues and expenses
• Cashier
• Management and payment of bills for electricity, water, services, cleaning and montly subscriptions