Alix for One iOS App development

Finding the attractive luxury restaurants have been easy now due to Alix for One App. By adding the attractive city restaurants on this app, the number of visitors increases noticeably as more ladies will be knowing about it through this app which may result in more funds to such places. This app is built to help the ladies who will be able to know the most attractive places to be visited in their selected area and displays important new. It is available with amazing User Experience and can be used offline as well.

The Smart UI and UX Concepts are manifested through Beautiful UI and Quick Access Component usage like Bottom Tab Bar, due to which user gets the things they want quickly in fewer efforts. Here, the user gets the warm welcome from the app along with the latest news updates.

The user can draw the polygon on the map and for the selected polygon they will be getting the center of attractions and news. They can create multiple polygons on the map each with different colors and by switching they can see different results.

List of all the Attraction Centers in the selected area is efficiently displayed, where user get a maximum list of attractions with smart data loading and the required information in the listing itself. Users are facilitated with the filter option to filter the attractions as a quick search and can get the completed detail of the place.
Alix for One is an application made in Xamarin, a hybrid cross platform and available on App Store