Custom Content Management System (CMS)

What is it?

A website content management system is web-based software that enables you to manage your own website without relying on a website developer to make every change. There are many CMS's out there, but the one that we favor is our very own  custom CMS.

Why use it?

We feel that your website is your own and you should be able to take care if it on your terms and your time. Nobody knows your business better than you do and you should be able to add new content, update content and make other changes to your website.

A CMS can also add many convenience features like making your website more search engine friendly, providing powerful tools to manage an online store, a blog, a gallery, a calendar or whatever else you can dream of.

Why Custom CMS?

Custom CMS is different from other content management systems because it focuses on making it easy to manage a custom designed website. A lot of CMS's make it easier to build a custom designed website, but not a lot of them truly make it easy to manage the content for one.

We can completely customize the CMS to meet the unique needs of your website. This means that you get a product that is custom tailored to your unique website. We have also designed and implemented RESTful APIs for data interoperability where needed.